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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia and capital of Sweden with a population around 850,000 (2010) and growing. Located on Sweden’s south-central, eastern coast, the city is the meeting point of the largest lake in Sweden (Lake Mularen) and the Baltic Sea. Stockholm is composed of 14 islands that offer quick relief from the crowded streets by having an incorporated system of 30% waterways and 30% green space.

Stockholm is a great example of an active urban city that flaunts their appreciation for water and nature.
This sustainable city provides an array of activities and accomdations from museums to amusement parks to skateparks and children play areas while allowing almost all inhabitants to enjoy quick access to open parks, walkways, swimming areas, hilltop views and historical plazas. These easily accessable activities allow people to escape the vibrant city lifestyle without having to drive in an automobile or even leave their own neighborhoods. Just ask IIona Lindbald, a professional sea kayaker who moved here from Malmo because of the vast and scenic waterways. Thomas Astrom and Calle Roose moved back from England because of their love for the many parks and open spaces that allow for picnics and socializing. Hanna Hellstrom, born and raised in Stockholm and a practicing musician loves using the green space to practice with friends or gain inspiration for songwriting from the beautiful, scenic waterways. Fregquently used by old, young, couples and independents, the blue and green of Stockholm is something this city greatly appreciates no matter what your purpose may be. While touring through the city you may notice people are happy to enjoy the simple things in life and will understand while this sustainable city is a role model for our big urban centers of the world to reduce environmental degradation to the planet. While having a large and growing population Stockholm will remain to capture the esscense and tranquility of the things many people enjoy most; our blue waterways and natural green spaces.

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