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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stige Island Landfill

Our biking adventure in Odense led us to the Stige Island Landfill. During the landfill closure the landfill was converted into recreational park that features picnic areas, playgrounds, mountain biking trails and track. The landfill created the perfect opportunity for a large park for the people of Odense. The wants and needs of the community were taken into consideration when the park was designed. When visiting the park the different stages of landfill conversion can be seen.

The piles of trash are compacted and covered with vegetation. As the trash decomposes it gives off greenhouse gases such as methane and nutrient loads the soil. The methane that is given off from the trash is recaptured before it can disperse into the atmosphere. Then it is sold to the industry to create electricity and heat for households in Odense. An intricate drainage collection system collects surface water before it can enter and pollute the river.

The vegetated mounds create a playful environment and vista points.

View at the top of the park which featured a play area.
(Bottom Photo) Some of the SCONES students playing tether ball.

A remote control lawn mower is used to keep the vegetation manicured.
(video to come later)

One of the slides created on a mound.

By Kathyryn Waje & Liana Ramos

What students had to say...
"From 'trash' to 'class'!" -Kathy Waje
"My favorite part was watching the lawn mower" -Kelly Matheson
"I thought it was awesome because they created a park out of garbage" - Melissa Traverso

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