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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fahhrad Schläuche (Bike Tube Dispenser)

Freiburg, Germany
On Kartäuserstraβe, the same street our hostel for the week was located on, I came upon a bike tube dispenser. I have never seen a dispenser for bike accessories before and thought it was fascinating. The dispenser accommodates 6 different tube sizes for the bikes throughout Freiburg. The location was perfect because it sits in a residential area between downtown and the Dreisam river. Both places have many bike riders daily. I am assuming that because of the many nature trails along the river and within the Black Forest (less than a 10 minute bike ride away) that it is common for Freiburgers to need tube dispensers. However, I have not seen anyone use the dispenser within the 6 days that I have been in Freiburg.  

By: Melissa Traverso

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