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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Solo Transit Journey from Freiburg to Stuttgart, Germany

Log of my travel, observations, and comparisons to group travel

The first step I took was to plan out my trip! I used the Eurail website to research train times and transfers I would need to make. It specifically showed which platforms each train would leave from so I didn’t even have  to check the list at the station.

Freiburg to Stuttgart
8:35- Leave hostel and walk to the train station
            -Of my two options (walk or tram) I chose walking because I wanted the exercise, it wasn’t too far, and because I wasn’t familiar with the tram schedule.

8:54 – Board train
8:57- Train leaves right as scheduled
9:58- Arrive in Karlsruhe to switch trains
            -I found the next platform easily because I had checked the platform number ahead of time on the Eurail website
10:05- Depart Karlsruhe
10:58- Arrive in Stuttgart!
On my walk to the train station:

Walk observations:
-At the early hour, the streets were completely empty.
-I felt uncomfortable while passing a place with numerous homeless people.
-I was much more aware of my surroundings since I was not in a large group, and paid close attention to be sure I was going the right way.
On my train ride to Karlsruhe and then Stuttgart:

Successful arrival and reunion with an old friend

Train observations:
-Signs were incredibly easy to follow.
-Being alone meant staying awake so I wouldn’t miss my stop.
-Announcements were usually only done in German, so I had to pay close attention to intermediate stops.
-I didn’t make seat reservations, so I had to choose seats carefully.
-Moving from train to train was very easy and efficient without luggage and a large group of people.
Stuttgart to Freiburg
4:00- Train departs Stuttgart
            -Since I didn’t know the times ahead of time, I had to consult the board of departure times.
4:53- Train arrives in Karlsruhe
            -Checked the departures board to see what platform to go to for my connection.
5:03- Train departs Karlsruhe (arrives and leaves 3 minutes late)
            -This train was crowded, so I had to sit on the floor for the first half hour since I didn’t have a reservation
5:59- Train arrives in Freiburg
6:45- Return to hostel after making several stops on the way

On my walk back to the hostel:

-The streets were much busier, so I felt a lot safer.

-Train travel is extremely reliable and easy to understand
-Prior research isn’t really necessary, but does make it a little easier
-Seat reservations might be a good idea, especially for long trips
-Walking through town is more comfortable with people around
-Traveling alone is very different than with a large group:
            -Ease in moving quickly
            -Hightented awareness of surroundings and directions

Meredith Plant

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