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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kastrup Sobad

Segun Adenola
Henry Deng

In our stay at Copenhagen, we explored a recommended summer spot near the coast of Copenhagen, the Kastrup Søbad Seawater. The Kastrup is a suburb located right in the middle of downtown Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport. The place took about fifteen minute biking from our hostel.  There was a boardwalk, a sandy beach, parks, and an aquarium. The Solbad is a very innovative architectural design, basically it is an enclosed swimming pool with platforms for diving in the middle of the sea. This makes it a place for  tourist like ourselves want to go to because it is a great water for people to swim in, but it also has a great architectural design. The pool consist of a 100 meter long bridge that ends with circular wooden structure made of quality sustainable materials, azobé wood, which is resistant to saltwater. The design shows both quality and functionality as the circle shaped swimming area with a outer screen that block the wind for swimmers. The screen ranges from 1.5 meters to 8 meters.The architect’s target was to make this accessible to the setting for swimmers and a sculpture sight for a morning and evening stroll. We definitely recognize its beauty and attract visiting this place as well as seeing night pictures on the internet.
When we biked there that day, the weather was not all that great. It was not tanning weather since it rained pretty hard earlier during the last tour to ørestad.  When we went, there was some clear blue-sky from the beach to sea while the grey clouds were approaching behind us from the city.  So only a fair amount of people were there.  The Kastrup søbad display how sustainable the city of Copenhagen is because they are using inexpensive and renewable resources such as wood to create space for everybody to enjoy. This is also sustainable because they are using water which is already there to create a space so that people can come by and enjoy it. The area is also sustainable because there are green spaces all around the area that people can hang out in and do other activities such as sunbathing, play sports, and relax. The Kastrup Sobad is the perfect secret place for tourists to enjoy the city of Copenhagen

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